In Business Tell Stories

“A story can have a profound impact, even if it’s heard just once.”

Take advantage of the powerful ability of stories to connect and resonate with an audience, by incorporating narrative into your business communications.

In Business Tell Stories

Stories are one of the most powerful ways to build meaningful, memorable connections with your audience.

While many marketers will focus on features, savvy marketers know it’s necessary to understand what benefits that those features provide, and what those benefits mean to the audience or customer.

Now just telling them won’t crack the shell. Telling them repeatedly can help, but we all have limitations on how many times we can do that.

But a story can have a profound impact, even if it’s heard just once.

If a story is relevant, timely, and engaging, it can be extremely compelling and memorable to your audience.

So going forward, consider how you can incorporate narrative into your own business engagements that require education or persuasion. It could be through your marketing, through your sales outreach, through internal presentations or external presentations, or even into your business networking.

I’m Philip Agnello and thank you very much for watching.

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