It’s About Business Not Design

Brand strategy is about business, not design.

While design is critically important in effective execution, design itself is not the objective.

The purpose of a brand strategy is to enable the accomplishment of business goals. 


It’s About Business Not Design

For many people, when they think of brand strategy, they immediately associate it with design.

We’ll often hear things like, “don’t make your logo without a brand strategy first….” Which is 100% true…

But if your brand strategy’s sole purpose is to inform your designer, then you’re doing yourself a disservice.

Any strategy, no matter what you’re strategizing for, is all about developing a plan that is most likely to achieve an outcome.

The purpose of a brand strategy is to enable the accomplishment of business goals. So, increasing revenue, building awareness, improving affinity, fostering loyalty, expanding your reach, or engaging a new audience – these are examples of business goals that brand strategy can help facilitate.

So remember, that while your brand strategy is critical element in informing your creative strategy – which is where the design of assets would actually live – it shouldn’t be it’s sole purpose or the sole objective of your brand strategy.

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