Live From Studio 5

Logo for Live from Studio 5

Live from Studio 5

Launched in February 2016, Live from Studio 5 is AMI-audio’s first live radio program, airing weekday mornings. The objective was to create a captivating, accessible visual identity that was distinct from other AMI properties, and that could be used across all platforms, for the light and fun, mid-morning talk style program. Since this was AMI-audio’s first live program, I wanted LIVE to be heavily emphasized in the branding. I also wanted to have the 5 be prominent, this was important to the design, because radio logo’s so often feature a number, I wanted to create a design that reinforced that it’s a radio program. We chose a bright and fun blue and gold colour scheme, that fits organically with the tone of the program itself, and helped set it apart from our other programs.