On-Air Promotions

Blue Jays 2016 Home Opener

The Toronto Blue Jays had a cinderella season in 2015, breaking their 22 year-long playoff drought. To promote AMI-tv’s broadcast of the 2016 Home Opener, I decided to take a total ‘homer’ approach and play on the emotions and euphoria the city and country were still feeling for the team. 

magnum, p.i.

Magnum, P.I. was the only new retro acquisition on AMI-tv for fall 2016, so I wanted to keep a retro flavour that was true to the time. The concept was simple, just get straight to business, all the stuff you want, and can expect to see, when you watch Magnum.

AMI-audio on Sirius xm

When AMI-audio launched a simulcast channel on Sirius XM radio, I was assigned to create the promo to launch the new service. The concept was to play off of the non-terrestrial nature of satellite radio and literally go to outer space – in both visuals and sound. With no visual assets to work with, I built the spot entirely using text-on-screen, with interesting animations and 3D design to take the spot out of this world….

Are You #Paratough?

Are You #Paratough? was an hour-long docu/reality special on the Canadian Paralympic open talent search. The Canadian Paralympic Committee was a partner in production, and the show executive informed me that one of the main goals of the program was to recruit new participants. I was able to keep the recruitment aspect at the forefront of the program’s marketing, by using copy that spoke right to the audience and challenged them, a strong motivator in the world of sports. The spot was geared to a younger audience, who would be the most likely to participate.

The National Post Show

The National Post Show is an audio only program that broadcasts announcers reading current feature articles from the Canadian daily newspaper, The National Post. The concept was to focus on the stories and cover the breadth of topics. I achieved this by using only clips of headlines from the show, and executed a still photo shoot (on my kitchen floor) of a collage of newspapers, then animated the camera flying through the pile in After Effects.

Grumpy Old Men

Jack Lemon, Walter Matthau…straight classic! No need to get cute, just let the jokes do the work.

Downton Abbey

This spot was created for the launch of Downton Abbey on AMI-tv. We were airing the show from Season 1, and I decided to create a spot that would introduce the premise, and establish the tone of the program for our audience, who may not have been familiar with the program. 

Trailer Park Boys

I was assigned to write some Trailer Park Boys station IDs that could be shot during an upcoming interview scheduled for one of our original programs. I wanted to deliver copy that was natural to the characters and show, and that was also clear to the talent that we as a channel were open to them pushing the boundaries on the IDs. I instructed the segment crew to encourage the boys to ad-lib or alter the copy to make it their own.  The results were some great TPB performances and a series of bespoke station IDs.

Matlock movies

This spot was created to promote the Matlock “Movies” acquisition. The movies were actually just a collection of all of the 2-part episodes, that we would air back-to-back, but I wanted to deliver a spot that would separate our Matlock Movies from our regular Matlock episodes. The concept was a modern action movie trailer, that played up the “movie” angle, paid homage to the campiness of the show, and still highlighted the classic Matlock style. 

Saturday Night Movie

This spot- The Power of Film- was created to promote AMI-tv’s Saturday Night Movie. I wanted to do a big, HBO style montage that sold the idea of movies,  but the challenge was to adapt a visual style spot to work for a blind audience. I broke it down, what do the visuals in this style of promotion do, they convey emotion in the most powerful way, so the audio equivalent would be to use powerful copy to deliver those same emotional responses, at the same time to both audiences. This version has my original scratch VO, cause I just liked that read better.


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