Support Your Brand Strategy with Creative Strategy

If the brand is the soul, then the creative is the personality.”

-Philip Agnello

Developing an effective brand strategy has become a critical component to enable long-term success in today’s market.

However, a brand strategy alone is not enough.

In addition, we need to develop a creative strategy to ensure that the brand manifests itself in an authentic and effective way.

We need to be considerate of every asset that we create – from our website, to our content, to our social media, to our signage – and remember that they are all part of an ecosystem.

Our creative needs to work with each other, and not against each other.

Support Your Brand Strategy with Creative Strategy

Awareness about the importance of brand strategy has grown so much. In the market today, it’s an absolute necessity. And the biggest beneficiary is us as the consumers. Because it makes it much easier for us to make decisions about which businesses and products we’d like to engage and associate with.

But sometimes people will ask me…What is creative strategy? And how is that any different than brand strategy?

I like to say that if you look at the brand as the soul of the business or product then the creative is the personality.

So while developing a brand strategy and truly knowing yourself and your audience is critically important to have success in today’s market, we can’t dismiss the strategy required to ensure the brand manifests itself in an authentic and effective way.

By the same token, it’s important we don’t gloss over our brand strategy and head straight to logos and colours which are more considerations of our creative strategy.

Take your time and be just as considerate in developing your creative strategy as you are with your brand strategy. Be considerate with your advertising, your signage, your social media, your content, your website…every asset that you create. And understand that those assets are part of an ecosystem and they all have to work with each other and not against each other.
Let me know what you think about the difference between creative strategy and brand strategy in the comments below.

I’m Philip Agnello from Philip Agnello Creative Consulting and thanks so much for watching.

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